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How do I know if I'm getting a good value in windows?

Look for products that have been tested and certified. You should also consider factors such as:

• Performance Ratings

• Wind Load Resistance

• Water Tightness

• Forced Entry Resistance

• Screen Strength

• Ease of Operation

• Energy Rating

• Condensation Resistance

For more details, please read further here.

What questions do I ask when buying windows?

Buying new windows can add a sense of style and increase climate control efficiency in your home

or business. New windows can also help lower your energy bills.

There are several choices and options available; how large or small you’d like the window to be,

the material it is made from, and where it will be located, to name a few.

For a quick tour through the window buying process, visit this page.

Does the current window setup in my home or business waste solar energy?

Choosing the right glass for the windows in your home or business can directly affect how much

heat is lost over any given time. This often leads to higher energy bills.

Adding a solar coating to your glass can improve your energy efficiency. Read more about taking

this precaution here.

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